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V8 - Energizer

V8 is a strong formula that fuels your energy levels. Starting with a eurhoric rush, V8's Energy/Love blend will boost your energy and put you in the mood for loving. Dosage: Take 2 pills 30mins before party.

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TNT - Energizer

TNT creates powerful energy boost right to your brain that intensifies any party, and has you socialising and dancing all night long. Take 1 pill 45 minutes before party.

FROM: $29

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V8 | Legal Cocaine | Phenethylamine | PEA Pills | Legal Speed
(v8 energy pills review)

Reviews Join our community. Our herbal party pills, have been perfected from years of development, and are the perfect addition to any night out. Legal Party Pills ...

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Dear Drugs-Forum readers: ... we believe that this is the best medium to bring balance. ... With marijuana possession being legal, ...

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Big Daddy - Energizer

Big Daddy is potent blend of natural caffeines, that optimize energy, maximize clarity, and keeps you alert and in the mood, for all night raving. Dosage: Take 1 pill 45mins before party.

FROM: $29

Hyperdrive - Energizer

Hyperdrive is a great all round energy formular that improves energy and uplift mood. Suitable to take daily to manage weight, or just when extra energy is required at the gym or at a party. Dosage: Take 1 - 3 pills per day.

FROM: $59

NeuroBlaster - Energizer

NeuroBlaster will support your mood, and energy. A great product for socialising and suitable to take daily as a general energy booster and mood uplifter. Dosage: Take 1 - 3 pills per day.

FROM: $59
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